hire me
I am a contract software engineer specializing in audio, video, and synchronization.
mez video screen
MEZ is an interactive, live, real-time video art installation.
programmer's guide to video systems
2008 Update! What every programmer must know about 480i, 576i, 1080i, and 720p.
all about video fields
2008 Update! What is interlaced video and why do I care?
square and non-square pixels
2008 Update! I can't believe we still have to deal with non-square pixels!
2008 Update! Understand the different flavors of timecode used for video.
lurker's guide to video
Trove of technical video knowledge, not just for SGI any more.
quicktime: uncompressed
I wrote Apple's spec for storing uncompressed video in QuickTime files.
linux video I/O
Article I wrote to help linux video developers avoid the mistakes SGI made.
homeland security threat chart
Ever wonder what Homeland Security conditions green to red really mean?
buzzword bingo: now with Web 2.0!
Discover the answer to meetings—Tom Davis's buzzword bingo.
Out-BS your boss: generate endless corporate bullshit with corpspeak.
Get VC funding: generate spews of meaningless web techno jargon.
bill the borg
Resistance is futile—you will be assimilated. Check out my 1994 image.
free music from MusicWithoutEnd™
IRS, United Airlines, Bank of America launch free online music service.
world's stupidest everything
See some of the worst the world has to offer, and add some of your own!

World's Stupidest Holiday and Birthday Presents -
World's Stupidest Wedding Websites -
World's Stupidest Baby Websites -
World's Stupidest TV, Movie, Music, and Sports Stars -
World's Stupidest Politicians -
World's Stupidest TV Shows -
World's Stupidest Movies -
World's Stupidest Blogs -
World's Stupidest Websites -
World's Stupidest Company Websites -
Maps free custom maps with your own labels
Party? Meeting? Request a map, label it yourself, and easily fling it to your friends!
Tasty morsels of information on Thai food, language, culture, and general silliness.
A site about Pai, my peaceful home in the mountains of Northern Thailand.
thailand fever
I co-authored this bilingual cultural guidebook to Thai-Western romantic relationships.
thai-english talking software dictionary
Check out my Thai-English, English-Thai talking dictionary for Windows PCs.
thailand your way
Travel with my friend Nang, who is a great nature, birding, and cultural guide.
jeed illustration
My English-fluent Thai friend Jeed is a freelance illustrator who is available for hire.
china journals
Some journal entries for a trip to Yunnan in China, including Dali.
water-powered water pumps
Cool articles about devices which can pump water without gas or electricity.
john muir trail
Stats and pictures from a 9 day, 61 mile hiking trip along the John Muir trail.
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I co-authored this bilingual cultural guidebook to Thai-Western romantic relationships.
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